Revamping your home after 10 Years: Spoiler Alert - Bathtub

Revamping your home after 10 Years: Spoiler Alert - Bathtub

While most adults in Singapore spend up to 10 hours at work each weekday, and then spend some more time outdoors socialising and running errands, there is no place quite like home. It is the place we get to let our guard down and truly be ourselves, relax, and recharge to face more of life’s challenges.


For children, it is the place they return to after school. Their first home will be a part of many core foundational memories. It has to be a safe and nurturing environment for them to rest and play, where they are free to explore and not get hurt. At the same time, it has to be a conducive environment for focusing, learning, and doing their homework.


When friends, family, or even co-workers visit our homes, they form an impression of us and our families. How comfortable they feel in our space affects the experience they have with us. How well-kept the house is or how it is designed may reflect on our personalities and quirks.


Once you move into an apartment, renovations and big changes can be difficult. Therefore, it is important to hire a reliable and effective interior designer when planning renovations to your current home, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life. With so many Interior Designers out and about, how can you decide on which to engage? Is there anything you should know or look out for before hunting one down? Here are some factors to consider.


1. Referrals

When looking to hire an Interior Designer, it usually boils down to 2 main choices - do you want to approach an Interior Design firm, or a specific, individual Interior Designer? The truth is, there are benefits to both options, and either option could work out well!


Large Interior Design firms have a reputation to upkeep, and will want to provide you with work that meets a certain standard. However, there are costs associated with sustaining a community of staff, which means it may cost you a little more. Some firms also have their own contractors, which can save you the trouble of looking for construction workers - but they may also try to negotiate for better fees for their own contractors as part of their partnership.


On the other hand, individual Interior Designers work independently, and do not draw or provide a salary to other staff members. This means that the cost of engaging them is an entirely private matter. In theory, they should cost less than a large firm, but individual designers can have varying rates depending on their experience, style, and the scope of work they have agreed upon.


Whichever you choose, it is good to approach someone who has received positive reviews from persons you trust, such as family members or friends. If you are thinking of approaching a firm, look for reviews of the firm and their designers online before committing to them.


2. Portfolio

    Portfolios are a great way to understand someone’s style and quality of work, in any creative field. Interior Designers are no different! Of course, it may not be reasonable to request for a tour around their past clients’ homes, but they may have photographs, or virtual tours, or examples of past work that they have done that they can show you.


    While you are looking at somebody’s portfolio to decide whether or not to engage them, try to look beyond that and focus on what they do well, and what you would rather they do differently. Look at projects that have budgets that are close to your own for a more realistic comparison, and speak to them about their strengths, weaknesses, and possible changes if they were to take on your project. Portfolios are not just about gauging if someone’s good enough for a job or not - they are also about understanding whether or not they would be the right fit for you.



    3. Timeline 

    Interior Designers work in a dynamic and diverse industry. They take on varied projects with vastly different budgets and needs… and timelines! Renovation projects take manpower and man-hours, and meticulous work. We encourage you to plan ahead of time to allow both your designer and construction workers to have ample time to make sure everything is done well, and done right.


    4. Ideas for the Layout of Your House

    Interior Designers help to make your dream home a reality, but there are limitations that they have to work with or around. For example, the building’s structural foundation and layout will affect how creative you can get, and in what areas. Certain renovations are considered big steps, such as installing flooring and permanent fixtures, and requesting to reverse such processes should be avoided as far as possible.


    Before engaging an interior designer, it’s a good idea to consider each room and what you want in the final design, especially if you already have furniture and fittings in place. For instance, if you plan to add a bathtub, think about its placement in relation to the shower and toilet. Such considerations will impact the bathroom design and other design choices since you likely know what new things you want to add after living in your home for years.


    Another example would be the kitchen. Are you perhaps an avid baker, and would like to have more counter space to do intensive kneading and mixing? Or perhaps you are more of a savoury cook, and would like to have a built-in grill for your late-night barbeque cravings. You could even take a leap of faith, stretch your imagination and wonder… Why can’t you be both?


    Knowing the appliances you intend to have in a room, a convenient and effective placement of power sources and how you plan to work in that space will allow you and your designer to make more informed renovation plans.


     5. Communication and Vibe

    Who you hire as your Interior Designer is going to determine how your home turns out. That is an immense responsibility. Make sure they are a person you can communicate well with, and are someone you feel generally comfortable spending time with.


    Looking to add a bathtub to your home? Let us send you more information about our bathtub!