5 ways to upgrade your home without spending a bomb in 2024

5 ways to upgrade your home without spending a bomb in 2024

We all know that there is no place like home. But after years of settling into your safe haven, you might be feeling a little bored of seeing the same rooms over and over again.

Or perhaps you have been hit with a sudden burst of inspiration from seeing compilations of aesthetic room interiors on social media.

It is only natural to want to add some excitement to your life – and what better way to do it than a home makeover?

However, it is no secret that Singapore is an expensive place to live in.

According to Qanvast, renovations for a 3-room BTO in 2024 cost at least $34,200, while renovating a 4-room and 5-room BTO cost at least $52,500 and $62,000 respectively.

The amount is enough to make an average person’s wallet feel the pinch.

Still, we believe that everyone should have the freedom to spruce up their home as they wish.

Here are 5 cost-friendly ways to upgrade your living space in 2024 while running on a budget, so that you too can have that Instagram-worthy aesthetic room interior.


1. Refresh Walls and Other Surfaces

Repainting surfaces is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to brighten up your living space, and it is a simple enough job that can be done on your own.

Giving your walls, cupboards, shelves, and other surfaces a fresh coat of paint helps to hide blemishes, old stains, and dust that has accumulated over time.

Opting for non-neutral colours can also add a pop of colour and change the vibe of your room. Go wild and unleash your inner artist!

If painting is too messy for you, consider wallpaper as an alternative. Wallpapers come in an array of patterns and colours, and give rooms a unique charm that paint cannot achieve.

While the upfront costs of wallpaper may be higher than paint, they are rather durable, and the cost can even out over the years.

It is recommended to source for moisture-resistant wallpapers to maximise the longevity of your purchase, particularly in Singapore’s humid climate with abundant moisture.

As much as you might long to go all out on repainting or wallpapering, it is also worth considering that neutral colours and designs tend to appeal to a wider audience, should you ever decide to put your flat up for sale in future.

2. Refurbish Doors

Doors guard the entrance of the house and serve as gateways to every room, but the wear and tear on them is often overlooked.

Hinges can weaken, cracks and chips can accumulate, and locks can spoil.

It is a good idea to ensure that your doors are frequently maintained, especially to avoid potential costlier repairs in the long run.

On their own, refurbishing and refinishing doors can be affordable, especially if they are in decent condition.

There is no need to completely replace the door if it is not broken beyond saving, which can save you a few hundred dollars.

Instead, examine the parts of the door that require the most attention – do the hinges need to be tightened or oiled, or does the lock need to be replaced?

You would be surprised how much of a difference these small adjustments can make in improving the look and functionality of your doors.

3. Replace Bathroom Fixtures

Bathrooms are the place where we are at our most vulnerable, and their interiors should be cosy and welcoming.

No one likes to step into a bathroom with worn-down fixtures and cracked tiles.

Thankfully, replacing standalone fixtures is much more affordable compared to a full-haul renovation of the entire space.

Bathroom fixtures are features that are plumbed in, such as bathtubs and vanity cabinets, which cannot be easily removed.

Over time, these fixtures can lose their lustre, and may dull the look of your bathroom.

Exchanging them with new ones can help to make your bathroom appear cleaner and more luxurious.

For refurbishing such fixtures, consider hiring a professional to assist in installing them, as having a poor understanding of plumbing could result in disastrous consequences.

As for purchasing these fixtures, a quick search online can provide a comprehensive list of toilet hardware shops available.

If you are looking for a reputable contractor for your entire bathroom renovation, have a chat with our friendly customer service officer first!


4. Reinvigorate Lighting

Quality illumination can make a huge difference to the ambience of your home.

To create mood lighting, experiment with the position of your lighting, and the colour and temperature of your lights.

Low-cost ways of doing this include swapping out existing bulbs at home, or using lamps or candles.

Even without investing in coloured lighting or fancy lamps, bulb temperatures alone can change the way a room looks.

For a cooler lighting and a modern, clean look, choose white light bulbs. For a cosier, softer glow, choose yellow light bulbs.

Apart from changing the ambience, opting to install LED light bulbs can be more energy-efficient in the long run despite their seemingly higher upfront costs, and will help to shave off your electricity bill!



5. Revamp Windows

Windows shield the indoors from dust, noise, and the elements. Still, every shield will eventually get worn down, no matter how sturdy it is.

You might be tempted to overlook windows in your budget renovation plan. Why should you bother changing your windows when they serve no aesthetic purpose?

Windows are important safety installations, and should they fall out due to a lack of maintenance, you could potentially face a fine of $10,000 or a jail term!

Renovating your windows is definitely more affordable than a $10,000 fine, and according to Property Guru, it can cost anywhere between $400 to $900 to change HDB windows, depending on your choice of material, size and design.

Be sure to keep in mind the various window options available, and engage only a BCA-approved contractor to install them.


To wrap up..

It is expensive to fully renovate your home, and we understand that it is not always possible for everyone to shell out the necessary amount to do so.

Despite this, cheaper alternatives are almost always available. With a bit of time, effort, and research, anyone can give their home a decent makeover, while making the most of what is already installed.

We hope this guide has aided you in your budget renovation journey!

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